Daleth Group offers its clients the opportunity to optimize financial and time resources with the help of customs clearance of goods at automobile checkpoints and seaports when crossing the border of Ukraine.

Customs Clearance

We carry out customs clearance:

in any customs regime (export, import, transit, re-export, re-import, temporary import or export, customs warehouse, etc.

At automobile checkpoints on the border of Ukraine and internal customs

cargoes in seaports (Odessa, Pivdennyy, Chornomorsk), airports (Boryspil, Zhulyany), railway stations.

Goods that involve a complex customs procedure (confirmation of invoice price rates, licensing, veterinary and phyto sanitary control, etc.)

Customs Consulting

We develop a customs clearance scheme that will minimize costs and ensure transparency of FOREIGN trade.

Assistance in obtaining permits

obtaining non-tariff documents of government agencies for customs clearance and sale of goods.

Customs Audit

We analyze foreign trade operations of the company and the processes of customs clearance (correctness of the formation of the customs value, the claimed code of UKTVED, etc.), consider the possible risks and methods of their elimination in the form of a legal opinion.

As a result of the audit, we provide assistance in practical implementation of our recommendations.