Daleth Group offers services for participants in foreign economic activity

Future exporters

  • choice of export strategy and financial supply scheme implementation
  • comprehensive documentary support of goods exported to the EU
  • customs clearance of goods in the mode of temporary export, in order to participate in exhibitions
  • Services in sales of goods in the EU businesses and individuals
  • using of warehouses in the EU for temporary storage or consolidation of cargoes
  • organization of cargo delivery by any mode of transport to any part of the world
  • consulting and calculation of possible customs and logistics costs / fees in Ukraine and EU

Existing exporters

  • customs clearance in the territory of the EU
  • assistance in obtaining the EUR-1 certificate, thanks to which the exporter can takeadvantage of the preferential regime during customs clearance of goods in the EU
  • Selection of the optimal route international cargo delivery chain of any complexity
  • customs audit – analysis of the company’s foreign trade operations and customs clearance processes, we consider possible risks and ways to eliminate them

Current importers

  • customs clearance at border checkpoints and internal customs of Ukraine
  • organization of container transportation by sea and intra-port forwarding in the ports of Ukraine
  • delivery of groupage cargos from the EU by road
  • technical importer service
  • issuing financial guarantees for installment payment of VAT on imported equipmentimported for own production
  • helping in confirming of contract / invoice value

Іnternational buyers

  • import procedures consulting
  • custom clearance with very effect cost and servicesin UA and EU
  • calculation of possible logistics costs of the entire supply chain
  • door to door delivery from the exporter’s plant to the destination
  • delivery of groupage cargoes from Ukraine to the EU by road
  • technical exporter service in Ukraine and the EU