Personnel development

Every person working in the company is a high-grade professional and talented a self-sufficient person. Such people are the gold stock of our company.  
The driving force of our team is never to stop there.  We understand that-purposefulness and constant perfection are a guarantee of long-term cooperation with our clients.

Named Stependia

We understand that only by developing young people and giving the opportunity for them to receive the most effective education during students-we will be able to achieve the greatest successes both in the company and the country as a whole. We decided to implement the "Registered scholarship" program at the National Transport University and the University of the state fiscal service of Ukraine.

The main objective of the program is to combine theoretical and practical knowledge of young people who study at higher educational establishments.

We offer you: 

  • Try your hand at different divisions of the company and find your professional vocation;
  • To see with your own eyes how the logistic business is arranged;
  • To make decisions and be ready to implement them;
  • Become a part of our team and contribute to the development and progress of the company, as well as in the sphere of logistics and customs brokerage in Ukraine;
  • Scholarship payment for the period of approval by the scholarship holder.

Interested? Then we wait for your call at: (067) 522-12-23, (050) 013-25-37 or send your CV to and be ready to start a new logistic journey in your life! We hope to see you shortly by a Daleth Group scholarship.

Interested? Then send your CV and be ready to start a new logistic journey in your life! We hope you will soon see you in our team Daleth Group